Some things are hard to believe... but, these bikes really are more than the sum of the parts

  • Erica_PF-1007217 Quality Raask Rearsets
  • Ruby_PF-1003109 Bespoke CAD Aluminium Seat Units
  • Sarge_PF-1007187 Kevil's Bespoke Exhaust Systems
  • Sarge_PF-1007190 Kevil's Cast Headlamp Brackets
  • Siren_PF-1004879 Stunning Paint Jobs
  • Siren_PF-1004798 Unique Silencers
  • Ruby_PF-1003160 Kevil's Monza Caps
  • Legend_PF-1006318 Airbrushed Logos
  • Ruby_PF-1003140 Quality Finishing Accessories
  • Legend_PF-1006317 Beautiful Rearsets
  • Legend_PF-1006313 Classic Simplicity
  • Joker_PF-1002547 Your Bike, Your Brand
  • Gulf_PF-1006778 Inspirational Design
The whole is more than the sum of the parts: fact. Kevil’s Speed Shop blend uniquely creative ideas and solid craft skills to create beautiful motorcycling statements. These bikes are not just a collection of catalogue parts; fact.
Kevil’s bikes are produced by a team of skilled and professional craftsmen each with specialist skills: fabrication, paint, engineering, CAD. However the most valuable ingredient is vision and without vision the bike would not be a Kevil’s bike.

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