F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions.

Questions People Ask Kevil’s Speed Shop

Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions.
Do you have any bikes for sale?
Yes we have a good selection of bikes in stock for sale please check out our For Sale section.
How do I commission/ order a bike?
Please ring/email or book an appointment to visit Kevil’s Speed Shop to discuss your requirements. Once your build specification has been agreed, we will require a 30% deposit to reserve a build slot in our very busy work schedule .
Do Kevils Speed Shop build bikes other than BMW?
Yes! We Now Build Anything as Long As Customers Have The Means to Pay For Them
How long will my Bespoke motorcycle take to build?
This process will take a Couple of Months once your deposit has been placed.
Do I come up with the bike spec and design?
You are welcome to choose your Own specifications Either based on our portfolio or Images from the Internet, as professional custom bike builders we use our expertise and experience to create your perfect bike for You.
Can I supply the bike?
We are Happy To Source or we have a large stock of donor bikes so you do not need to supply the bike, however you are welcome to provide your own bike if you wish, this may help if you are an international customer and wish to register your bike in your country.
Won’t I save money if I supply the Bike?
The bulk of the cost of one of our bespoke machines comes from the new parts and labour as our Bikes are ground up rebuilds so the money you save will be minimal.
Do I have to visit Kevil’s to commission a motorcycle?
Although we are happy for you to visit us, it is not necessary. The ordering process can be dealt with via email and/or telephone for your convenience.
Do Kevils purchase Motorcycles?
Yes, we are always looking to purchase R80 & R100 BMWs & others at Trade Price.
What do Kevil’s do during a rebuild?
 All the Fabrication is Carried out in House, The framework is refurbished & powder coated , all the mechanicals are reconditioned if required , Electrical Systems are Taken Care of, Any Thing thats deemed as being not up to standard is replaced all this work is carried out by our experienced team of technicians ,providing our customers with a reliable quality product.
What are these classic bmw's like to service and how easy is it to get parts for them?
Servicing work is very basic and most motorcycle shops can carry out work on our bikes. Parts are readily available from BMW dealerships or specialist parts suppliers.
Can Kevils Speed Shop build me a Extreme Machine ?
Kevil’s Speed Shop are happy to quote for a radically different concept However it will be Expensive ,please get in touch with your ideas .
Are Kevil’s bikes performance-enhanced?
Our bikes offer a slightly enhanced performance, We can carry out performance modifications at an extra cost so please ask us if this is something you are interested in.
Can I add extras like Vintage spoke wheels?
Please ask us for a quote before placing your order.
Can I see how you are getting on with my bike during the rebuild?
If requested, We can email you photos of your bike’s progress.
Are Kevil’s Bikes road legal in the United Kingdom?
Our bikes are built to United Kingdom road legal standards. They are all supplied with appropriate UK V5 registration documentation and a full 12-month MOT.
Are Kevil’s motorcycles street legal in any country other than the UK?
Kevils Speed Shop can’t be held responsible for the road legal requirements of other countries due to logistics and language barriers. We can fit a headlamp with the correct pattern for right-hand driving, also a speedometer in Kmh. “TUV approval is the responsibility of the purchaser!”
Can Kevil’s deliver anywhere in the world?
Yes we can arrange professional worldwide door to door delivery using a reputable shipping company that will liaise with us to deliver your bike to you. However you are responsible for all the shipping costs, import duties and insurance, Bikes Shipped to the USA Have to be Over 25 Years old
Can I pay cash on delivery?
Your bike must be paid for in full before we release it from our shop. All bikes remain the property of Kevil’s Speed Shop until paid for in full.
How do I pay for my motorcycle?
Usually by online bank transfer.
How much does a Kevil’s bespoke motorcycle cost?
Prices vary depending on the model used and specifications required. Please call or email us to discuss pricing.
Can I visit Kevil’s Speed Shop?
We are so busy that visits are by appointment only.
I'm thinking of converting an old BMW by myself - can Kevil’s give me any advice?
As a business we cannot share our Time Served trade secrets.
Can Kevil’s sell parts for me to carry out my own conversion?
Due to exclusivity of our Kevils Speed Shop’s bikes we do “not” sell parts or Give Advice to DIY Builders.
Can I buy a Kevil's t shirt?
Check out the Apparel section on this website for our cool Tee’s and other stuff!

Still can’t find your answer?

Interested but still have some unanswered questions? Give us a call or email us through the website, if you have difficulties with our mailbox system please contact Kevils direct on kevils@hotmail.co.uk.Contact us